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Celebrating Herb Week at Anamcara Healing Herbs Garden

In celebration of the herbal medicine, a series of events will take place in Ireland under the umbrella of the National Herb Week, including a special festival, HerbFeast. National Herb Week (May 21-27) is an annual event in Ireland celebrating herbs and herbal medicine. There will be a series of public events facilitated by qualified herbalists.

As a herbalist, student of medical herbalism at The Plant Medicine School and member of the Irish Registry of Herbalists, I would like to join the celebrations with an open invitation to everyone who would like to visit my herb garden in northwest Donegal.

Visits will take place on Friday, May 26 (weather permitting).

Visits are free of charge and if you are interested, please register in advance to secure a place. By all means, inform a friend or family member.

To register, simply e-mail me your full name, telephone and e-mail contacts and I will send you full information.


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