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Free Wellbeing Consultation

Enjoy a free, comprehensive consultation with well-qualified medical herbalists which may help you improve your overall health.

As part of my training in medical herbalism, I have been given the golden opportunity to invite people on Zoom-based consultations organised by one of Ireland’s leading herbalist schools, The Plant Medicine School based in Wexford.

These consultations are conducted online in a supportive and nurturing environment where patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Normally, such consultations may cost around 70 euro.

During the consultation, leading medical herbalists will listen closely to your description of your condition, or conditions, and ask relevant questions related to your overall health.

Following a thorough discussion, you will then be recommended a personalised herbal protocol which the herbalists believe will help minimise your health problems. The herbal remedies can be purchased anywhere that is convenient for you, there is no obligation to follow the protocol.

You will also have the opportunity to experience a free follow-up consultation one month later to monitor your health progress.

If interested in this free health service, please contact me at 0833356243 or


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