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Giving the gift of 'giving'

As I watch some of my friend plants going to sleep, I find the thought that I will see them again in Spring, comforting. And there is something else comforting. The gifts they have given me to help get through the winter.

For example, the moments of picking the scented flowers of Lady's bedstraw along the costal dunes and making an infused oil, are now part of a hand salve I have just made to cheer up my hands.

An oil infused with the shy chickweed that showed up plentiful in the garden this year is in there also. And the confident mugwort that brings some depth to the potion. Cassia, Eucalyptus and Patchouli essential oils bring some seasonal warmth.

My hands are happy with this salve so they will be ready to do more work in the Spring.

And another thing that I love is the ritual of applying a few drops of natural serum on my face before going to bed. It's almost like a little prayer, in indulging in the scents and softness of lavender infused organic olive oil, with a few drops of nourishing sea buckthorn seed oil and myrtle essential oil.

You can try these potions too or offer someone the gift of being a Friend of Anamcara Healing Herbs Garden: make a donation of at least 25 euro to my fundraising and receive as a gift a hand salve, a night serum and a certificate. And more importantly, know that an additional herb will be planted in your name in our garden.


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